Devon Woodhill Dee Lg 18 Karat Rose Gold Locket w/ Chain



"In our World if Fleeting Images, there is something solid and meaningful about carrying love with you, in  a locket. Close to your heart, always. Simple, Modern, Timeless."

Devon Woodhill was founded in 2012 by Melissa Levy. Sensing that she had much to embrace and to keep close in her life, Melissa designed a collection of lockets that combined her modern sensibility with the meaningfulness of a keepsake.

Large Dimensions:

  • Locket 34mm diameter
  • Total Diamond Carat weight: 0.69
  • Chain 30" Open Link
  • 18 Karat Rose Gold 

Small Dimensions (Not Pictured): 

  • Locket 18mm diameter
  • Total Diamond Carat weight: 0.34
  • Chain 16" Cable
  • 18 Karat Rose Gold