William Yeoward Country "Jasmine" Footed Rose Bowl & Wire

SKU: ASC104108

A lovely and traditional way to display your prize roses or any other flower for that matter. The wire mesh holds the stems in place securely. The bowl has the beautiful hand engraved Jasmine Vine.WILLIAM YEOWARD COUNTRY "JASMINE" FOOTED ROSE BOWL

8.5" Height

Handmade Glass

William Yeoward COUNTRY "Jasmine" is a new collection of beautifully designed handmade glass – pieces that have been designed to bring greater enjoyment to our day-to-day lives. COUNTRY is not just for special occasions - it is for every day! The whole collection is based on simplicity and integrity in form and function - completely handmade, honest craftsmanship, the pieces and shapes we actually need.

Handmade Glass