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Gurgling Cods ®

These whimsical fish-shaped jugs are available in three sizes - large measuring 10", small measuring 6.5" and a pair of minis measuring 3.5" and are available in four colors - white, green, blue and Nantucket Coral. There is also a large pink Gurgling Cod®, designed to promote breast cancer awareness.

In 1964, Shreve, Crump & Low introduced their Gurgling Cod®, Pitcher at the request of Benjamin Dale Shreve (whose son, Richard, would be the last family member to run the company). The Gurgling Cods were modeled after a traditional English "glug jug", which was relatively unknown in the United States. Turn one over and pour out water to hear this delightful sound.

Since its introduction in 1964, the Gurgling Cod® has become a well-known symbol of Boston. Customers across the country associate these fanciful works of art exclusively with Shreve, Crump & Low. Part of what makes Shreve, Crump & Low's cod pitchers unique are their anatomically correct fins, gills, and scales of a fish native to our very own waters, as well as their unique shape. This is why a Gurgling Cod®, Pitcher will forever remind one of New England, whether viewed at our stores or anywhere in the world. The Gurgling Cod ®, is made exclusively for Shreve, Crump & Low and sold only in our stores or through our web site.



Nantucket Coral Gurgling Cod Large
Large Nantucket Coral Cod
Nantucket Coral Gurgling Cod Mini
Mini Nantucket Coral Cods
Green Gurgling Cod Mini
Mini Green Cod Pair
Blue Gurgling Cod Small
Small Blue Gurgling Cod
Nantucket Coral Gurgling Cod Small
Small Nantucket Coral Cod
White Gurgling Cod Small
Small White Gurgling Cod
Large Cobalt Blue Gurgling Cod
Large Blue Gurgling Cod
Green Gurgling Cod Small
Small Green Gurgling Cod
White Gurgling Cod Large
Large White Gurgling Cod
Large Pink Gurgling Cod
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