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NOMOS Glashütte is the watchmaking firm in the town that keeps innovating - they also have watchmakers that are practicing their craft in the fifth generation. And yet, their watches and they are modern and cosmopolitan. For they try to combine the best of these very different worlds - with success.

The watches made in Glashütte are world-famous, and the watchmakers also count amongst the world leaders in fine watchmaking. What they and the designers, watchmakers, and toolmakers can do here are things that their colleagues elsewhere would struggle to do - because watches have been made in Glashütte for many generations, since 1845, in fact. Watches with unique features that can only be found here; watches of the highest quality.



Nomos Glashutte Zurich Weltzeit glass back
24 watches in one: With this frequent flier on your wrist, you can travel the world in the push of a button and keep track of the time wherever you are: In Sydney or in Denver, in Alaska or New York. Complications made entirely simple, and also useful for those staying at home, surfing the internet, or calling friends on the other side of the world. Just click yourself there and back again. All this thanks to the NOMOS caliber DUW 5201, which knows the time zones better than most know their own back pocket.
Nomos Glashuette Metro Neomatik Champagne Steel
The Neomatik 1st Edition has been an enormous successÂ- since many of the 1st edition watches have already been sold. Shreve, Crump & Low is one of the few retailers with this piece still available. Alternatively, you can already pre-order the successor model of this watch, which we will be including in our collection coming spring 2016 with minor aesthetic differences.The award-winning, hand-wound watch is now also available as an automatic: It flatters with a slender elegance and subtle neon details on the champagne-colored dial. These colorful touches inject a dose of energy onto the white silver-plated dial and reveal that this newest Metro model is part of the neomatik series. Within these ten new NOMOS models ticks the automatic caliber DUW 3001Â-an ultra-slim caliber capable of chronometer accuracy, made in Glashütte, Germany.
Nomos Glashuette Ludwig Automatik Datum 40m Steel
The largest among the Ludwigs, and still slender, white silver-plated, and very restrained: This version of the NOMOS classic gathers its power from the wearerÂ's movements, whatever heÂ's doingÂ-even when itÂ's just typing up his tax return. To help ensure that itÂ's submitted on time, the extra-large date indicator keeps track of the days while, on the inside, the automatic caliber Zeta makes sure that everything works like clockwork.
Nomos Glashutte Orion Datum 38mm
A beautiful watch, reminiscent of a far away star: OrionÂ-with a sapphire crystal glass back, golden indexes, tempered blue hands, and the NOMOS caliber DUW 4101 featuring the NOMOS swing systemÂ-doesnÂ't just shine as bright as starlight. This watch also knows the days until the next full moon, as it is equipped with a long-distance date; so called, as it is perfect for trips to planets far, far away. You get the impression that this watch might just know one of them already.
Nomos Glashuette Orion 38 Grau Steel
Gray like Roman Carrarra marble, like the sky above, like a young silkwormÂ-Orion, this understated and elegant watch, comes here in perhaps the most undervalued color of our time, making it an eye-catching statement piece. With a 38-millimeter diameter, this model appears a touch more modern and decisive than the classic version. And ticking away inside, transcending trends and clearly visible through the sapphire crystal glass back: the Glashütte caliber Alpha, handcrafted and highly reliable.
Nomos Glashuette Tangomat Datum 38.3mm Steel Silv
Design classic with a kick: Tangomat transcends the divide between the finest form and elegant mechanics, is simple and straightforward, but rather complicated on the inside. With an extra large date indicator, this automatic watch is also perfect for all those who suffer from chronic forgetfulness, seldom remember to wind their watches, and who lose track of the days. The automatic caliber Zeta inside ensures exquisite winding and rate accuracy.
Nomos Glashuette Tangomat Ruthenium 38.3m Steel
This watch is special in every way: The ruthenium-plated dialÂ-a platinum metalÂ-is particularly beautiful, as is the combination of edges and clear forms, and the NOMOS caliber Epsilon, which ensures exquisite winding and rate accuracy. So itÂ's no surprise that this watch is a bestseller.
Nomos Glashutte Club Automat 40mm Steel Silver
Self-winding and larger: with the tried and true and much-praised NOMOS manufactory caliber Epsilon, the ClubÂ's diameter grows Â- which goes well with some wrists. A very well-proportioned watch with outstanding winding characteristics Â- and the lowest-priced NOMOS automatic watch. The collection is being reduced. Only a few pieces of this version with a steel back in stock, as of January 2016
Nomos Glashutte Zurich World Timer True Blue
Cosmopolitan, with swing: Beam yourself to the other side of the world with the Zurich Worldtimer model. With a few clicks, you can easily travel through 24 time zones, while the red home icon keeps track of the time back home. What makes this version particularly special: The first automatic movement with the in-house NOMOS swing system, DUW 5201, is ticking away inside.
Nomos Glashutte Ahoi Atlantik  Datum Glass Back
Thanks to superluminova, this new NOMOS watch also tells the time for mermen and swordfish: Deep, dark, and mysterious with an Atlantic blue dial, a robust textile strap and an extra-large date, Ahoi Atlantik is the adventurer in the NOMOS collection. Water-resistant to 20 atm (200 meters), the model is the master of every stormÂ-on the high seas and at the office desk as well.
Nomos Glashutte Tangomat GMT glass back
A more beautiful way to collect air miles: Tangomat GMT is made for frequent fliers and daydreamers. The watch is based on the NOMOS classic Tangomat and knows the time around the world. Sydney, Denver, Moscow, AlaskaÂ-knowing what time it is where you are right now is just as helpful when youÂ're surfing on the Atlantic coast as when youÂ're online or on the phone. You simply push the button once or twice and youÂ're there. Or back home again. All this is thanks to the automatic caliber DUW 5201 with Swing System from NOMOS Glashütte.
Nomos Glashutte Tangente Datum Gangreserve Glass
The patented power reserve (here in red) helps remind wearers who always have too much on their mind to wind their watch. The long-distance date, also patented, is another helpful reminder. And for those who like to keep it simple and appreciate beautiful design, the (suitably long) list of prizes and awards will help them select this NOMOS classic without deliberation. Now available with NOMOS Swing System!
Nomos Glashuette Orion 33 Rose Glass Back
Much finer than any pearl necklace, and certainly more modern: The little sister of the NOMOS classic Orion is the perfect accessory for an important evening function, but looks great at home on the sofa as well. Its coloring, curves, and the light brown velour leather strap flatter the skin, the eyeÂ-and particularly delicate wrists. Under the back, made from robust sapphire crystal glass, the NOMOS Alpha caliber does its work effortlessly.
Nomos Glashuette Tangente 33 Doctors USA
An instrument for better times: The design classic Tangente is a favorite amongst architects and writers, and is considered a timepiece of cultured types. This masterpiece of straightforwardness, here with a 33-millimeter diameter and a strap made from brown velour leather, is also a symbol of better times for many thanks to its red twelve: This special edition, limited to only 1,000 watches, and which also features the small inscription Â"Doctors Without BordersÂ" under the six, black oxidized hands, and an engraving on the sapphire crystal glass back, donates 100 dollar per watch directly to the humanitarian aid organization.
Nomos Glashuette Orion Datum 38mm Steel Silver
A watch that you certainly wonÂ't find in the storybooksÂ-apart from a few stargazing guides: Orion in a larger size, with the NOMOS Beta caliber and a patented extra-large date indicator, all in white. This date is so called because it can be seen and read at a distance; from another star, perhaps. The sapphire crystal glass back grants a view of the movement at work, in all its mechanical finesse.
Nomos Glashutte Ludwig 38 234
This watch in a contemporary Â"menÂ's sizeÂ" is fluent in LatinÂ-making its wearer a stylish intellectual in an instant. With a 38-millimeter diameter, this watch with its Roman indexes and elegant grace is also a touch more decisive and modern. The fine Alpha caliber from Glashütte is visible at work through the sapphire crystal glass back. Bringing joy, hour by hour.
Nomos Glashutte Metro 38 Datum Urban grey
With an attractively dark dial: Metro 38 Datum urban gray. Striking and rather cool, this model in the Metro series doesnÂ't only tell the timeÂ-it is also a little ahead of the times. The dark gray, almost black dial under the curved sapphire crystal glass presents the cosmopolitan watch in an entirely new way: more masculine, and unusually elegant. WhatÂ's particularly appealing about Metro 38 Datum urban gray is the fact that it is also equipped with the NOMOS swing system, the in-house escapement from the watchmaking company.
Nomos Tangente Neomatik Champagne Steel 35mm
#The Neomatik 1st edition has been an enormous successÂ-the series will be extending; since many of the 1st edition watches have already been sold. Shreve, Crump & Low is one of the few retailers with this model still available. Alternatively, you can already pre-order the successor model of this watch, which we will be including in our collection coming Spring 2016 with minor aesthetic differences.The NOMOS classic, with an exciting new look: Tangente neomatik is elegant and ultra-thinÂ-and still very contemporary. Subtle details in cyan-blue inject a dose of energy onto the white silver-plated dial. The orange lettering below the twelve reveals that this exquisite timepiece belongs to the neomatik seriesÂ-ten new automatic watches that are powered by the next generation caliber DUW 3001.
Nomos Orion Neomatik Steel Silver Dial
The Neomatik 1st edition has been an enormous successÂ-Nomos will be extending the series; since many of the 1st edition watches have already been sold. Shreve Crump & Low is one of the few autorized retailers with availabilty of this piece. Alternatively, you can already pre-order the successor model of this watch, which we will be including in our collection from spring 2016 with minor aesthetic differences.The wait is finally over: NOMOS Orion is now also available as an automatic, flattering the eye and the wrist, and it is also ultra-slim thanks to DUW 3001. This new movement is slimmer than anything else in the watchmaking world that runs on its own power and is produced in series, and yet despite this slender design, it is also extremely precise. Orion neomatik champagner is a shining example of German engineering at its finest, with a little splash of avant-garde: Fine details in neon orange decorate the elegant champagne-colored dial.
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