20.00 carat Art Deco Diamond Bracelet, signed Black Starr & Frost (Platinum)

SKU: 2793614

An exceptional example of a handmade platinum Art Deco flexible bracelet consisting of approximately 250 Old European cut diamonds with an approximate weight of 20 carats with a color and clarity of F VS1 receptively, signed with marker's hallmark "BS&F" on clasp for Black, Starr & Frost. 

*Shreve, Crump & Low Graduate Gemologist commentary: Like Shreve, Crump & Low, one of America’s oldest fine jewelers, Black, Starr and Frost traces its roots to 1810. In that year, Erastus Barton and Frederick Marquand opened Marquand and Barton near New York’s Maiden Lane. In 1939, the firm was one of five American jewelers invited to exhibit at New York’s World’s Fair. Black, Star, and Frost has produced exquisite jewelry in almost every era. In 1929, it merged with Gorham to become Black, Starr, Frost—Gorham.