Julian Mejia Linen Napkins


Linen Napkins with assorted borders and Monogram options 

Julian Mejia founder and designer of Julian Mejia design, Inc. launched his company in 2008. Julian has taken his past career experiences and his effortless sense of style and inventiveness to a new level with his home accessories company. Focused on creating a product line that he can “sink his teeth” in and make his own. This was finally the ultimate challenge of his career.  Now it was “game on” and Julian Mejia design was born. To date, Julian has made his mark in the tabletop world and set table scapes of many a dining table.

  • Special order only
  • Allow 8-10 weeks for deliver
  • Minimum purchase required
  • Available Plain or Monogrammed 
Please contact us about Julian Mejia' Collection options and purchase requirements.