Tiffany & Co. Jean Schlumberger Diamond & Golden Paillonne Enamel Bracelet (Vintage)

$45,000 $85,000
SKU: 3220318

Tiffany & Co. Jean Sclumberger Diamond and Golden Paillonne Enamel Bangle Bracelet, vintage 18 karat gold Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger golden enamel bangle bracelet, bezel set with gem white round brilliant cut diamonds throughout. Signed "TIFFANY & CO. Schlumberger 750 PL950 France" *Current MSRP approximately $85,000 USD

Jean Schlumberger’s visionary creations are among the world’s most intricate designs. This eye-catching bracelet makes an elegant statement. Each one of these collectible bangle bracelets is uniquely enameled and hand assembled/finished to the highest standards.