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"My sister recommended Shreve, Crump & Low after she had an awesome experience working with Brad and Brian. I was looking for the perfect gift for my fiance, and I am so glad I followed her advice. Christina (and Brian!) were both so patient as I deliberated, asked questions, waffled, and wavered on my way to my final decision (the watch was a big purchase for me, and it took a couple of weeks). I had visited many shops and watch dealers before arriving at SC&L, and I can say with confidence that these kind people provided the highest caliber of customer service--there's no comparison. They never talked down to me or questioned my ideas (or my budget), and I really appreciated their patience as I tried to educate myself about the many factors involved in a watch purchase. I learned a lot from them. Christina even called me on her day off when there was a time-sensitive question to be answered. I will certainly do business with them again, and you should, too!"
Emily Piacenza
"Shreve Crump & Low offers quality that rivals Madison Ave with the service of a small town jeweler. Ask for Brad or Brian. Their knowledge, attentiveness and passion are truly a talent from a bygone retail period - it's no wonder that Shreve is America's oldest jeweler. A visit to the store is an experience and a reminder that quality, collectible jewelry is an art. They will give you the time and attention you need to find that "special" piece, regardless of budget. Walk into Shreve and you will walkout a customer for life…"
Justin Breiner
"Many fantastic experiences at Shreve Greenwich. I would highly recommend asking for both Brad and Brian Walker. From the moment you walk into the store you’ll begin to understand the true “VIP” experience the staff offers, no matter what you’re buying – I’ve purchased items at all different price points and have been treated in the exact same phenomenal manner every time. Brad and Brian are not only fully knowledgeable on every piece in the store, but also offer a lot of accurate insight into the market and the world outside their location. I would highly recommend asking their advice even if you’re not sure what to buy – they have pointed me in the right direction every time, they are always friendly and easy to talk to, treat every customer the same, and take the buying experience to a whole other level. Five stars all day."
Mike Shaw
"If you are looking to buy a nice watch talk to Susan she got me the Hublot watch I wanted. Very professional and friendly service."
Tietse Kist
"Nicole Gazin has been my Gift Registry Concierge and she is absolutely fabulous! If you are thinking of registering at Shreve I would definitely recommend calling ahead and planning to go at a time when Nicole is there. She is incredibly patient, meticulous in her record keeping, has continually gone above and beyond to help me track down specific items, create lists of things, keep me informed on selections made by guests, etc. Not only this but she is very accessible and has a very quick response time for any questions or concerns. She has been a true pleasure to work with and as someone who registered at several places other than Shreve the experience that I have had with Nicole is vastly superior to any that I have had with a different establishment."
Elizabeth Malkin
"Intimidating selection across multiple categories: Rings, bracelets, necklaces, even candle holders and flatware But the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I ended up spending about twice what I intended going in but found the perfect gift for my wife on our first wedding anniversary."
Marcus Labrecque
"It’s difficult to step into a story in the middle so I’ll begin at the beginning. The Boston Globe planned to write an article on timepiece enthusiasts. Mr. Payne of LuxExposé suggested to the journalist to contact my husband, Osvaldo, since he had been collecting watches for several years. The article, with a photo of my husband and his collection, were featured in June 2012.
A few weeks later, we stopped in to the new Shreve, Crump and Low location on Newbury Street. My husband was intrigued to see their new watch salon. As soon as we walked into the salon, I was aware they knew who my husband was. They greeted us by name and knew every watch my husband owned. Of course it was good business, but it was also a very personal touch.
This past fall I decided to add to my husband’s collection for our anniversary. There was no question where I was going to go…
Brad Tetreault helped me through the process of choosing the right watch. Since he knew exactly which watches Osvaldo owned, he could recommend which would compliment his existing collection. I decided on the A. Lange & Sohne 1 Timezone timepiece. It’s a beautiful watch and my husband was thrilled.
While purchasing the watch Brad told me that A. Lange & Sohne takes actual photographs of each individual movement on every watch they meticulously build. They have it transferred to canvas and present it to the owner of the watch. Of course Shreve, Crump and Low had the artwork framed and presented it to my husband. It now hangs in our foyer.
The professionalism combined with the personal touches of Brad and his colleagues are why Shreve, Crump and Low will remain our jeweler.”"
Leslee Barbosa
"My husband and I recently went into SC&L in Chestnut Hill. We met Jessie. I wanted a new setting for my wedding ring diamond along with a 5 diamond band my mother had willed to me. Not really knowing much about jewelry, Jessie suggested making a band with 5 of the diamonds. The largest in the center and the 4 placed placed on either side. It is a combination of platinum and yellow gold. She set up the order with the jewelry artist to make a beautiful band with 5 diamonds. It was absolutely beautiful. She was very caring and organized. Everything was done with lots of care. If I had to do it over again, I would definitely go there and ask for Jesse."
Gayle DeBay
"I had a fantastic experience buying my engagement ring at Shreve, Crumb & Low. They have a large collection of options and I ended up choosing a beautiful antique ring which was purchased at an estate sale. The staff is incredibly helpful and professional. Whenever my wife swings by they buff up the ring for free to make it even shinier. You can't go wrong at Shreve Crump & Low."
Joshua King

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